How we eat now...

We eat a very clean diet – as clean as we can, most of the time.  Our food plan revolves around whole foods, as whole as we can get.  Processed foods are something we save for those times when we are out somewhere and we don’t have a choice – you don’t go to Grandma’s and say no – or when we go out to dinner.  We don’t take in anything that contains HFCS, carrageenan, and a few others things.  We keep canned foods to a very bare minimum [and we are trying to eliminate them completely], and we don’t drink pop.  Well, I do, about once or twice a year.

Is it hard?  Not really.  OK, sometimes it is.  Is it an adjustment?  Definitely.  We didn’t jump in whole hog.  We started an ingredient at a time, and just kept going.  Read more on PinkChia...

A little background music...

I was, in all honesty, a very fortunate bad eater!  I had a career that involved TONS of walking.  So having a hamburger for lunch [yes, most days] didn’t seem so bad, and it did not take a lot of effort for me to generally maintain a certain weight and size – not a great weight and size, but I wasn’t growing!  Then in 2008 I had a hysterectomy – by necessity – and it changed my life.  Not only did I quit that job that had me walking for ten hours a day [leading me to a more sedentary lifestyle], but my hormones went through a huge change as well. 

The weight started to pack on.  20 pounds in the first two years, another 30 in the next 4, and the final straw was 10 more pounds in about three months.  Read more on PinkChia...


New life, new posts!

I am doing a bit of revamping, to retool, and refresh.  I am going back to the drawing board, and we will be fresh as a daisy before you know it!  By the way, you can get the recipe for this cake at Recipe52, although I did use a different frosting.

A few weeks ago I found out that Congress is working to undo so much good work.  GMO labeling is essential to our healthy lives, and as long as we continue to let the big money run rampant while we stand by and pay the price with our health it will only continue.  Find what makes you happy and pursue it.  It that means speaking up against those who are hurting us please do so.

May 9th, the movie Fed Up will hit theaters.  I love to watch these types of movies at home because I usually like to take notes, [or yell at the screen!] but I may have to hit this one up in the theater.  I am excited to see what it shares, but from the looks of the trailer it is right on target!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Make your own sunscreen!

Might make a great experiment, although I am a little finicky about how things feel on my skin.  
Have you tried this?



It's been a while.  Life has been busy, crazy, and still fun.  I have been working on a new blog idea/development and since it's in a similar vein to this one I decided to launch it here rather that starting elsewhere.  New name, new topics, new fun stuff.  I hope you join me!

Stay tuned!


Out with the old, in with the new...

Some of these links are still active, and they may be needed to I am creating an archive of sorts while I re-design the site!


Found a recipe you love?  The site is no longer called RecipeBliss.com but it is still available, just in case!

Pay It Forward! You are welcome to "steal" this award and pay it forward.  Make someones recipe and let them know you loved it!




Happy Halloween! Spider cupcakes anyone?

Our kitchen flooded in May.  More on that later, but let's just say we finally got the plumbing for the sink put back in today.  So we are in the homestretch!  I am looking forward to having an oven so I can make these Awesome looking Spiderwed Cupcakes!