restaurant review: Qdoba

I ate Qdoba for the first time the other day. My step-daughter raves about their burritos. It is literally her favorite place to eat. Hands down. She likes the steak queso burrito, or some such thing, because it has steak, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, queso sauce, and did I mention steak? I knew the burrito would be too much food so I opted for 2 shredded beef tacos.

There is a problem when you are ordering from a place you have never been to before: You don't know what you are getting. And usually while you are eating you realize what you should have ordered or how you would have ordered differently. Because we called in a to go order I was ordering blind.

The tacos were good, but I don't usually get sour cream on a taco (the different order part), where here it is standard. I wanted hot sauce and they put it on, rather than getting it on the side (what I should have asked for), which is probably the reason why the second taco was falling-apart-soggy by the time I ate it. My biggest dissapointment was that the shredded beef was really dry. I kept hoping the next bite would be better. I was a bit disappointed because everyone I know who has tried Qdoba raves about it. The best part is that the food does have a freshly made taste. You don't feel like you are eating at a "regular" fast-food-quickly-made-poor-quality place. It's worth a visit.

I did a little research to try to find out how the name came about or what it means. I wasn't able to find anything on their web site so I did a web search:
Qdoba's identity, in fact, has gone through a few different iterations. The original name Zuma was changed to Z-Teca after its owners learned that the earlier name already existed in the Northeast. However, Z-Teca received challenges to its trademark, and since the company planned to expand nationwide, it needed a name that would work in all markets.
The company then hired a brand identity consultant, who advised the company that if it used a name that had a common meaning, chances were that the name already would be taken. The best thing to do, the company advised, was to come up with a name that didn't mean anything. Thus, Qdoba was created.
I don't eat out a lot, but this was offered and I had wanted to try it. I would try it again and maybe next time I'll have to take someone to split a burrito with! Any takers?

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  1. This place sounds great! We had an opportunity to go to Beaverton last year but my husband's business trip got cancelled. Maybe we'll get another chance.

  2. Never been there before, it sounds like it wasn't very exciting. Which is too bad, I love a good burrito!

  3. The burrito sounds fabulous! Sogginess is a bummer. Sorry it was a disappointment!

  4. Maybe I should not say anything, but I felt like I was being herded through that line like cattle, and the same thing, it was way to big to eat with your hands and falling apart (burrito), but the flavor was fine. I still say eat at home guys, cooking is better for us...*E is off the soap box*

  5. Ladies, I'm with you, a good well-made burrito is hard to top. I'll let you know when I make it back!!

  6. Chef E ~ I think it's hard to top eating at home. Since I was fortunate enough to have the food brought to me I don't have the experience of the ambiance!

  7. I still haven't eaten there although there's one close by. Perhaps I'm put off by a place whose name I can't pronounce ('Cue-doba'? 'Shh-doba'? 'Kay-doba'?). I'll have to see if the food makes up for it!

  8. hmmm, maybe I FINALLY need to try that place. There's one right around the corner from my kids school and it's always packed. Maybe it's because they are serving "good" food.

  9. Tangled Noodle and SoCal, I was the same way, kept hearing about it but never went. We finally decided to just call it as it is: Q-doba ~~ we literally sat at the dinner table one night thinking of all the different ways to pronounce it (it is my step-daughters favorite place after all!) and finally just decided it would be Q!