clam happy...

We recently took my grandmother to McGrath's Fish House for lunch. I happen to love steamer clams, but I don't love to make them (I know how easy they are, but I just don't love it). And the last time I had steamers at a restaurant (at the coast, that shall remain nameless, and that I will not go to again!) they were so tough I couldn't eat them. So I was needing clams, craving clams, and this seemed like a good time to take care of that! McGrath's is pretty reliable with their food. Although sometimes their clams can be a bit salty, the flavor is always fresh and wonderful! So I was pretty clam happy!

K had this wonderful salmon with a dijon cream sauce with artichokes and red peppers. Unfortunately they didn't offer me the recipe, and I was almost regretting ordering clams; that's how good this dish was. I tried to convince K to switch with me, and when he declined my offer I decided I would just have to experiment at home!

For years our local fish house was only in Salem and other points south. They finally opened a location here a few years ago, and it's nice to have this option. McGrath's has been around for so long that I was taken there as a baby in the 60's. They have opened and closed locations, done some remodeling and occasional menu retooling, but it's nice to have a fresh, local option for seafood other than the big crimson crustacean!

p.s., it's good to be back! Enjoy!

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  1. Good to have you back. The food at McGrath's is usually very good. We have a branch here as well.

  2. Oh man, those pictures are dreamy :D Good to have you back!

  3. I am missing my seafood meals in the land of beef, and this place sounds yummy...MIA you were, so glad you are back!!!

  4. That sure does sound like a nice sauce for salmon. Good luck with replicating it! Welcome back :)

  5. Welcome back! This salmon looks wonderful!

  6. The final dish looks delicious! You've got some of the best seafood pickins' up there.

  7. Welcome back! Looks great! :)

  8. The salmon looks amazing!! Glad your back - missed ya!

  9. I love clams but that salmon dish has my name all over it! So happy to see you back and hope all is well!

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