an update and a happy, happy mouth!

You may recall my first visit to Qdoba and my disappointment in the shredded beef. I had to go back and try it again since the shredded beef craving just wouldn't go away. I ordered exactly the same thing, and the shredded beef was, again, dry. I traded and ate someone elses nachos. She was happy, I was somewhat happy, all good.

Last week we had one of those nights where it's too late to thaw anything, I just did not want to cook anything that I had on hand, we had a coupon for a free burrito, so the logical choice was Qdoba. This time we went to a different location, closer to home, and I asked to sample the shredded beef first. Same stuff. Then I asked to sample the steak from the Steak Queso Burrito I have heard raves about. It was tasty. So I ordered said Steak Queso Burrito and my mouth was happy! The queso sauce has a nice kick to it, so all in all it was good!

The only remaining problem was: still no shredded beef. So off the the kitchen to whip some up. The first batch, a little dry, but very flavorful. So I was on the right track. I seared a top round roast on all side, put it into an oven safe dish, poured in some beef broth, 2 ground up chipotle pepper, lots of other great seasonings, and baked at 350 degrees for about 4 or 5 hours.

Round #2: a different cut of meat (bottom round), lots of great seasoning, seared it, added the required liquids, slow cooked at 275 degrees for 5 hours. I decided to slow cook after reading several instances where this produced fabulous results. Sorry to say it was dry, dry, dry. Since it was already super dry I just decided to leave it in for another hour and the results were the same.

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